Support Your Immune System after Intensive Training and Exercise:  OptiMSM Can Help

For an athlete or fitness enthusiast, training is a cornerstone of everyday life. Though moderate exercise has been shown to enhance the immune system, overtraining ironically can lead to a weakened immune system, and consequently poor health and lackluster performance. It is necessary to balance training with adequate rest and proper nutrition to perform at …

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DOMS? OptiMSM Can Help

Joint soreness and immobility can be incredibly frustrating as it reduces energy and the ability to carry out daily activities. Overtime, wear and tear on joints, tendons, and connective tissue can accumulate causing more pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. OptiMSM has been shown through research studies to support joint and connective tissue health. …

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Younger Looking Skin

The look and feel of your skin can change dramatically with age, as UV rays, poor nutrition, and a decline in hormones can all lead to skin aging. Fortunately, there are nutrients that can help support healthy skin. OptiMSM has been recognized as one of these beneficial nutrients, but it hasn’t been until recently that …

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OptiMSM contains 34% of organic sulfur making it a beneficial nutrient for helping to regulate and regenerate healthy cells. Sulfur has an essential role in the production of glutathione — an important antioxidant in the body that is involved with detoxification and supporting a healthy immune system.

The Truth About MSM

Is MSM natural or synthetic? There has been confusion over the years regarding MSM and its “natural” form. While MSM is naturally found in trace amounts of certain foods, it is too negligible to extract for nutritional supplementation. Some marketers may claim their MSM is 100% natural, but this is not possible because all MSM is …

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