Sulfur: An Essential Mineral to Boost Your Immune System

The winter holiday season is a favorite time of year for many people. However, the cold temps, the travelling, the numerous social visits, and the delicious but not-so-nutritional holiday treats can combine to reduce your body’s ability to fend off sickness. It’s a common practice for some to pre-emptively load up on supplements like Vitamin C to bolster their immune system but few people consider taking sulfur supplements.

Although few people stop to consider the benefits of sulfur supplements, it is worth mentioning that along with calcium and phosphorous, sulfur is one of the top three most abundant minerals in the human body. If you follow these series of articles then you already know the immense benefits sulfur offers to skin health, but sulfur’s advantages extend well beyond keeping the skin youthful and elastic and can bolster the health of the body’s immune system.

One way sulfur (in day-to-day diets or through supplements) can assist the immune system is through reducing the symptoms of an overactive immune response. Recent studies have shown that an intense exhaustive work out session can weaken the immune system by depleting critical nutrients and fatiguing cellular processes. This weakened immune system will leave you vulnerable to pathogens. Consider how exhaustive holiday shopping can be, or shoveling snow, etc. and you can see how this time of year is rife with opportunities to inundate your immune system with bacteria.

OptiMSM is capable of helping the immune system function in ways that may decrease infection. The fact that OptiMSM reduces symptoms of an overactive immune response (like those seen in allergies for example) is not a recent discovery, but data shows that OptiMSM also helps boost the ability to respond to a simulated pathogenic attack following an exhaustive workout.

If you want to stay healthy and go that extra mile during cold season, then consider adding sulfur to your daily routine. It will boost your immune system, keep you energized, and stave off fatigue so you can continue to enjoy the holidays with friends and family.