Sports Nutrition

Joint pain, muscle soreness , and illness can be frustrating distractions that interrupt busy, active routines. OptiMSM can help reinstate vitality for daily activities with its support of connective tissues and the immune system.

Maximize Your Body

Sports Nutrition is a fast-growing market fueled by health-conscious consumers. While many active people look for products that offer nutritional support to maximize exercise benefits, they are also looking to help minimize the wear and tear on their bodies. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) provides nutritional support to help joints and connective tissue stay healthy. It also reduces oxidative stress, muscle soreness, and immune suppression that can occur following acute physical exertion.


Immune Defense

MSM helps conserve a healthy immune system after physical stress.

Inflammation Relief

MSM provides relief from pain and inflammation following exercise.

Recovery Mode

MSM is a vital building block for regeneration of damaged connective tissue.

Active Mineral

OptiMSM is the purest, most trusted form of MSM supplement to help support a healthy and active lifestyle.

Faster Recovery

MSM can help protect the muscles and joints from exercise-induced damage to support faster recovery time.

Lessen Inflammation

MSM helps reduce pro-inflammatory markers and increase anti-inflammatory markers to inhibit excessive inflammation caused by physical exertion.


By regulating mechanisms involved with healthy joints, cartilage, and muscles, MSM may help improve exercise performance to sustain a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Bergstrom Nutrition produces multiple forms or SKUs of OptiMSM that undergo a proprietary multi-stage distillation process to create the purest and best-selling MSM brand on the market.

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OptiMSM is the most trusted and recognized MSM supplement for worldwide manufacturers of consumer products.