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Sulfur is an essential element and naturally found in a variety of foods. Sulfur ranks as the third most abundant mineral by weight in the body and plays a significant role in maintaining the body’s overall health.

Sulfur provides numerous health-promoting properties, including supporting connective tissue and mobility, maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails, promoting healthy levels of inflammation, boosting the body’s antioxidant mechanisms and detoxification pathways, as well as modulating the body’s innate immune response.

The Human Health Sulfur Cycle

Although sulfur is in a variety of foods, dietary intakes have declined due to modern agricultural practices, increasing interest in supplemental sources such as OptiMSM. Research demonstrates OptiMSM is a proven source of bioavailable sulfur. In the past, it’s assumed we meet dietary needs through the consumption of the sulfur-containing amino acids (SAAs), namely cysteine and methionine. But speculation has surfaced about whether SAAs meet nutritional requirements. While most Western diets provide adequate SAAs, in many parts of the world, including the U.S., the sulfur content of the soil is inadequate, affecting other sources, namely glutathione and methionine. In addition to decreased levels in soils, diets that are predominantly vegan or vegetarian may also be low in methionine and, therefore, sulfur.
sulfur cycle

Sulfur Benefits

Joint Health & Mobility

Sulfur is an essential nutrient necessary for the maintenance of healthy joints, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue. Pre-clinical and clinical studies support the efficacy of OptiMSM in supporting joint health and range of motion. MSM also reduces inflammatory markers that damage cartilage.

Beauty from Within

As a source of bioavailable sulfur, OptiMSM helps maintain disulfide bonds that keep collagen strands strong and preserves connective tissue pliancy. MSM also supports and preserves collagen and keratin, essential building blocks of hair, skin, and nails. MSM also significantly increases glutathione levels, the skin’s defensive mechanism against oxidative stress.

Sports & Exercise

OptiMSM may be the ideal sports nutrient. The organic sulfur donated by MSM provides important nutritional support for musculoskeletal and respiratory function. Its potent combination of effects includes support for optimal energy levels, reduced soreness, and oxidative stress caused by overexertion and injuries and as a building block for the regeneration of damaged connective tissue.

Immune Response

OptiMSM, a sulfur-containing supplement, has several mechanisms shown to support a healthy immune response. When the immune system is suppressed, OptiMSM may help boost immunity to fight off infections. Or, if the immune system is producing too much of an inflammatory response, OptiMSM can mitigate the excessive response.

OptiMSM - A Source of Sulfur

OptiMSM improves health through a few different pathways. First, OptiMSM is a proven bioavailable source of sulfur. Sulfur is vital for several functions, including support of connective tissue, skin health, detoxification, immunity, and metabolism. MSM also addresses inflammation caused by stress, strenuous activity, or toxins found in the daily environment. Lastly, MSM protects the body from oxidative damage by increasing the body’s natural antioxidant capacity so that it can neutralize damaging free radicals. The decrease in inflammation and oxidative stress protects joints, helps the body recover from strenuous activity, boosts immunity, and helps users stay mobile, live, and age well.
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