OptiMSM & Optimizing Your Active Lifestyle

Athletes and active consumers are more proactive than ever regarding overall wellness, improving performance, and safeguarding their recovery. As a result, supplements have become a significant part of many fitness enthusiasts’ daily routines. For those who enjoy and pursue an active lifestyle, healthy joints and mobility are essential.

Plus, training and strenuous activity place a demand on muscles. As a result, consumers desire products that promote recovery and reduce soreness without blunting the muscle’s adaptive response to stress.

OptiMSM (methylsulfonylmethane) provides nutritional support for mobility by keeping joints and connective tissue healthy. MSM also enhances recovery by accelerating muscle repair and mitigating the pain, muscle damage, and soreness following intense training. Supplementing with OptiMSM empowers an active individual to return to training quickly. In addition, MSM bolsters the immune system following intense training by supporting redox capacity and mitigating inflammatory cytokines.

The use of OptiMSM supports both athletes and casual exercisers as they age by protecting muscles and joints from the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. Ultimately it extends both the duration of individual bouts of activity and the ability to remain active over a lifetime.

Interestingly, MSM has antioxidant properties but is not a direct antioxidant, which is significant when considering sports nutrition and aging. Antioxidants may blunt the adaptive response to exercise and the body’s intrinsic ability to combat oxidative stress, associated with decreased longevity. MSM improves the body’s innate antioxidant pathways, making MSM use supportive of adaptation and longevity.