The Fall Effect on Hair & Nails

As summer dwindles into autumn, the leaves change colors and a chill hangs on the breeze forcing us to pull out our winter wardrobe. Winter apparel however will only offer limited protection. We require more than scarves and coats to protect our hair and nails from the effects of winter.

What are the Effects of Colder Weather on Hair & Nails

As the daylight shortens, the change in sunlight duration can cause hair to look less shiny and feel drier and brittle. In addition, the cold weather also can damage hair causing breakage and split ends. The resulting frizziness can be unsightly.

The cold temps will cause our nails to feel thinner, more breakable, and appear duller than during the summer months. Small routine tasks such as typing on a keyboard or walking down stairs can become grave threats to your nail health during the fall and winter seasons potentially causing hang nails and torn finger/toe nails.

Take Care of Your Hair & Nails to Keep Them Strong

To avoid the pitfalls of autumnal weather you should follow this guidance to keep your hair and nails healthy and vibrant all year round but especially in the fall season.

1.     Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will preemptively fight against the hazards of split ends. This will stave off the effects of the cold and dry temperatures. Before styling your hair with any hot tools such as flat iron or curling iron, consider using a heat protectant serum
2.     Keep your diet full of protein rich foods (i.e. eggs, fish, etc) and include leafy green vegetables like spinach or kale to keep your body producing enough keratin to maintain hair health during these colder months
3.     A common misconception is that hair protects the scalp from exposure but just like the rest of your body the scalp can get overly dry and cause flaking. So don’t forget about your scalp! Make sure to nourish it with hydrating shampoo and conditioner a few times a week.
4.     A great pre-emptive strategy against dry, brittle hair and weak breakable nails is to bolster your hair and nails with dietary supplements that contain OptiMSM. MSM is an organic compound that contains sulphur (also known as ‘organosulfur’) and has been proven to be beneficial for joint health, sports nutrition, and immune function, as well as exerting anti-aging effects. OptiMSM, when taken regularly over an extended period of time, will deliver strong and shiny healthy nails as well as improve the condition of your hair and skin.

Autumn is an active and exciting time so don’t let dry hair and brittle nails prevent you from getting out and enjoying this magnificent time of year! Go out and have fun and with OptiMSM you will look good while doing it!