OptiMSM to Boost Your Immunity & Promote Healthy Aging

The body’s immune system is supposed to protect us from diseases and it does a pretty good job. However, several factors may affect the potency of our immunity, and one of them is aging.  As we get older, our immune system gets compromised in many ways.

First, it becomes “less able” to identify foreign antigens that may cause disease or infections.  It is also common for T-cells to respond slowly to antigens. T-cells are integral components of the immune system because they are responsible for remembering the antigens your body may have encountered and dealt with before.

Aging may also cause a significant drop in white blood cells and macrophages (phagocytic blood cells that ingest harmful bacteria, cancer cells, and other antigens). This may explain why cancer tends to be more prevalent among older people. Despite this, aging is a natural process and the only thing we can do is prepare better for it.

How Does Your Health Change With Aging?

Aging occurs at the cellular level and as such, it affects all organs and tissues in the body. In a nutshell, all your vital organs will start to lose some function or capabilities with old age.  You see, your body’s ability to function at optimum capacity is dependent on cell reproduction. Naturally, when you are younger, your cells multiply and reproduce at faster rates, leaving your healthier and stronger.

But this reproduction rate will decline significantly over time, which eventually affects the normal functions of cells. Old age may also affect joint function. It also causes loss in muscle tissue and bone density. All these factors will have adverse effects on mobility and healthy movement.

The decline in mobility among older citizens affects their independence. Besides, mobility is seen as one of the core indicators of health and function among aging populations. Maintaining mobility in old age is however easier said than done. It takes a combination of several factors, including regular physical exercise, proper diet, and even supplementations with science-based products like OptiMSM®.

Important Nutrients for Healthy Aging Including OptiMSM®

There are dozens of important nutrients that you will need for healthy aging. Most of these nutrients are designed to address the organ and tissue declines associated with old age. For instance, you could benefit from ingesting more proteins. Loss of muscle mass is one of the main causes of weakness, frailty, and poor health among the elderly.

It is estimated that on average, you will lose between 3 – 8% of muscle mass every ten years after you turn 30. Replacing that loss by eating healthy proteins can have huge positive implications on your overall strength in old age.

It is also advisable to add lots off calcium and vitamin D into your diet. As we have already noted above, loss of bone density is a key phenomenon in old age and it may cause severe mobility impairment. Calcium and vitamin D are known to enhance bone health. Supplementation of Vitamin D is especially crucial for seniors. This is because as you age, your body loses its ability to produce Vitamin D internally. You will, therefore, need external supplementation to ensure you get healthy levels of these essential vitamins.

You may also want to increase your intake of Vitamin B12 as well. Vitamin B12 is essential in the production of red blood cells and maintaining strong cognitive functions.  B12 is normally found in animal foods including eggs, meat, fish, and some dairy products. However, seniors lose their ability to absorb Vitamin B12 in their normal diet, something that makes supplementation using bioavailable products highly recommend.

Using OptiMSM® For Healthy and Revitalized Aging

As we have suggested above, supplementation of essential nutrients will be required for a revitalized and healthy aging process. OptiMSM is one of these important supplements and for good reason. OptiMSM is a research-backed bioavailable source of sulfur, the third most abundant mineral in the human body. Sulfur plays several key physiological roles including enhanced immunity, detox, skin health, enhanced metabolism, anti-inflammation, and others.

OptiMSM is formulated to address three key health issues related to old age. First, the product significantly improves joint health, which enhances mobility and healthy movement in old age. This helps seniors to stay active and engage in the physical activity they need to be healthy.

OptiMSM also helps to enhance muscle health. It reduces inflammation around muscle tissues, especially after strenuous physical activities. This promotes faster muscle recovery time, allowing you to wake up the next morning ready for your daily exercise routines. Lastly, the supplement may also have positive implications on your skin. OptiMSM contains ingredients that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.