Pet Well-Being

Active pets are healthier and happier than those who spend all their time lying around the house. Spending time moving with your pet will help promote his health in many ways. As pets get older, joint deterioration, hip dysplasia, and loss of mobility set in. All of a sudden, your pet is not nearly as active as it used to be.

Can You Prevent Joint Deterioration in Pets?

The answer is NO. Loss of joint function is an inevitable process that ultimately happens as the pet gets older. It’s just a part of life. However, there are things you can do to ensure that your pets stay active and mobile as they age. Supplements are becoming more popular among pet owners.

OptiMSM for Pet Wellbeing

Several supplements have proven to be effective at helping your pet maintain proper joint function for as long as possible. OptiMSM is one of the most effective options. MSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane, an organic sulfur compound taken orally to address joint-related problems.

MSM has been safely used over the years to treat pet-related joint and mobility concerns. It can provide relief for pets suffering from advanced joint damage, joint inflammation, and hip problems.

Nonetheless, MSM is a preventative measure and not a cure. Incorporating OptiMSM in your dog’s daily diet can help prolong and promote proper joint function and reduce the severity of joint issues as your pet ages.

Benefits of OptiMSM for Pets

Although MSM is used to support joint health in pets, it also offers many other excellent health benefits. OptiMSM helps to promote healthy skin and nails for your pets. It will also aid in the development of a beautiful and lustrous coat. OptiMSM supplements can also help boost the pet’s immune system.

Addtional benefits to note:

    • Supports and maintains joint function and mobility for dogs of all ages and activity levels
    • Promotes healthy skin, nails, and lustrous coat
    • Reduces oxidative damage from stress and free radicals
    • Maintains health of ligaments, tendons, skin
    • Fosters connective tissue strength
    • Provides biologically active sulfur
    • Boosts overall physiological well-being

Is OptiMSM Safe for Pets?

Yes, what’s great for you is great for them too! OptiMSM is perfectly safe for pets of all sizes and breeds. MSM is a naturally occurring organic compound found in most foods eaten by pets, but unfortunately, at levels too low to meet recommended daily intake. Whether MSM is provided alone or combined with other ingredients such as glucosmine and chondroitin, additional supplementation is recommended.

Nonetheless, as with all supplements, getting the dosage right is essential. Typically, most pets should be okay with a dosage of between 50 mg and 100 mg per 10 pounds of body weight.

Why OptiMSM?

In addition to exercise, a balanced and nutritious diet, using OptiMSM can improve joint health and help your dog live a longer, happier life. Using OptiMSM, a human-grade, USA-made MSM, pet owners provide their pets the safest, purest, and highest quality MSM available.

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