Caring for an Aging Pet with OptiMSM

The great part about having pets is the joy and companionship they bring. However, with age comes the realization that your dog or cat may have to live a little differently than they did in the past. As your pets age, their health needs will become more complex. We want them to enjoy their golden years as much as possible.

Benefits of OptiMSM for Pets

Taking care of a senior pet can be challenging at times, especially when if they are in pain. Luckily, MSM has been shown to help relieve hip and joint pain in pets. MSM is the popular name for methylsulfonylmethane, an organic compound that can help you and your pet maintain a healthy homeostasis level. This organic compound has traditionally been used in human alternative medicine, and now it can be used to keep your pet in great health as well!

OptiMSM delivers sulfur, a major element needed to activate a biological system known as the sodium-potassium cycle. It helps to control what enters and exits through cells, allowing nutrients to distribute within the system. OptiMSM provides optimal levels of sulfur, which is necessary for many enzymes, proteins and immune system support.

Including OptiMSM in your pet’s daily diet can improve their general health:

  • Cut down oxidative stress and free radical contamination.
  • Help to maintain healthy skin, nails, and a beautiful coat.
  • Keep bones, muscles, and skin healthy.
  • Strengthen the connective tissue.
  • Offer natural bioactive sulfur.

Improve Mobility

There are many reasons why it is important to keep our pets active, healthy and mobile. From weight control to joint health, your pet will reap the benefits of a consistent exercise regimen with an active lifestyle. Overweight dogs can develop joint problems. Dog’s bones, joints, muscles and associated tendons and ligaments all work together to give him smooth and efficient movement. Proper exercise is important to keep healthy weight, toned muscles and flexible joints.

MSM benefits both active and aging pets by supporting joint health, reducing soreness, and improving range of motion. Research indicates that MSM may also be effective in mitigating muscle and joint pain associated with physical activity. It suggests that the mechanism of action is associated with inflammatory pathways and oxidative stress.

Maintain Healthy Joints

As pets age, the natural degeneration of the muscles and joints can result in pain, stiffness, and a reduced quality of life. It’s no secret that every move your dog makes relies on healthy joints. As dogs age, cartilage begins to break down, causing joint damage and putting pressure on surrounding bones.

OptiMSM helps to relieve joint pain, enhance their quality of life and establish a healthy immune system. When using OptiMSM, you can expect your pet to show significant improvement with less inflammation, better mobility and better overall health.