OptiMSM for General Health & Well-Being

Getting older inevitably brings an age-related decline in health and functional capacity. Therefore, consumers are more motivated than ever to focus on their general health and wellbeing, synonymous with healthy and active aging.

We know that aging is a complex interaction of genetics, chemistry, physiology, and behavior, with theories that address how each plays a role in the inevitable aging process.

When it comes to anti-aging behaviors, supplements work hand-in-hand with an individual’s choices to lessen the impact of aging through nutrition and fitness, along with other lifestyle modifications. In addition, with biochemistry, it is well-known that ongoing chemical reactions in your body can contribute to aging no matter your genes.

As a research-backed bioavailable source of sulfur, Bergstrom Nutrition’s U.S.-made OptiMSM brand of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) supports several key physiological effects of aging. Those effects include support for joints, and muscles, enhanced immunity, healthy hair, skin, and nails; anti-inflammatory activity; and more.

OptiMSM addresses multiple health conditions related to aging and provides proven benefits. First, the product significantly improves joint health, enhancing mobility and healthy movement. Additionally, OptiMSM helps enhance muscle health by reducing inflammation around muscle tissues, especially after strenuous physical activities.

Moreover, the immune system benefits from OptiMSM’s ability to decrease chronic inflammation by reducing inflammatory cytokines and supporting a healthy inflammatory response. MSM as a sulfur source is also a significant component of glutathione — the most prevalent antioxidant in the body. It helps the body react to oxidative stress and maintain homeostasis.

Lastly, MSM inhibits signs of aging skin through the support of nutrient production and reduction of inflammatory molecules related to the breakdown of dermal collagen and the skin’s elastin structure.