Our Continued Commitment to You

There is a reason Bergstrom Nutrition has gained the trust of manufacturers and consumers alike. They know we have an unfailing commitment to making our branded MSM, OptiMSM®, the best-in-class, delivering value beyond price. As a result, OptiMSM has earned the reputation as the purest, safest, most consistent quality MSM in the world. Globally, the OptiMSM brand and logo are respected and recognized as leaders in the supplement industry.

That leadership position results from our proactive efforts to ensure the safety and quality of our products and through the continuous investments we make in science and product development. Research is fundamental to our work as it furthers the understanding of MSM’s efficacy, safety, applications, and mechanisms of action.

We are especially proud that OptiMSM is the only MSM designated  Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) with a Letter of Non-Exemption from the FDA. OptiMSM is also the only MSM produced in the USA and manufactured in a dedicated cGMP-compliant, ISO-registered facility, providing essential transparency and traceability. Moreover, all OptiMSM production lots carry the “Informed Ingredient®” certification, which sets us apart and represents our firm commitment to manufacturing to the highest quality and safety standards. Informed Ingredient is a comprehensive and global banned substance testing and certification program. With the Informed Ingredient certification, end-users are assured OptiMSM has been regularly tested and is free of banned substances.

Our goal is always to gain – and retain – the trust of all with whom we work and consumers who use our products. Simply stated, for today and into the future, you can continue to rely on Bergstrom Nutrition as your trusted partner in bringing opportunities for greater health and wellbeing to all.