Overall Health & Well-Being

As adults, good health and well-being hold the keys to the quality of life we all desire. Yet, it can take work to stay fit as well as address the basic health concerns that come at every stage of our lives. In our experience, people are interested in products and ingredients that enable them to remain active and support their ability to do what they value throughout their lives. Let’s break down maintaining good health as we age into the following three buckets.

Immune System Support

The immune system comprises a network of cells, tissues and organs that help to protect the body against disease and illnesses. However, one’s immunity can be weakened by disease, stress, insufficient sleep, poor diet and inactivity.

An imbalance in the immune system can occur when the white blood cells go through programmed cell death, also known as apoptosis. This happens when the white blood cells create reactive oxygen species and inflammatory cytokines during stress or after exercise.

OptiMSM® lowers the number of inflammatory cytokines and protects the white blood cells from programmed cell death. Its protective benefit helps support the healthy balance of the immune system. It also strengthens the immune system by increasing resistance to toxic substances and viruses. Plus, it is effective in reducing levels of oxidative stress and inflammatory compounds such as TNF-a and IL-6, which reduce stress on the immune system and boosts glutathione levels.

Radiant Skin, Hair & Nails

The skin is susceptible to damage due to various factors such as aging, harmful UV rays, poor lifestyle and dietary choices and toxins.

OptiMSM improves skin texture and radiance and reduces fine lines by promoting specific genes to maintain healthier skin and collagen. Furthermore, MSM reduces inflammation, which can impair the skin cells and cause wrinkles. It also promotes the expression of genes that are responsible for hydrating and toning the skin, ensuring healthier, firmer and younger-looking skin.

Pain-Free Muscles, Bones & Joints for Good Mobility

The ability to lead an active and pain-free lifestyle throughout all stages of one’s adult life is critical to a good quality of life at any age. In general, healthy and active aging is about overall wellness. Being able to function at high physical and cognitive levels, remain socially engaged, retain a youthful appearance and continue to be relevant and productive are all essential pieces of the puzzle. However, good mobility and active lifestyle needs vary as we age.

The primary mobility concerns for Millennials are typically to address injuries from being active and to prevent future ailments. They want to set themselves up to maintain healthy function of their muscles, bones and joints well into their older years.

Those in the Generation X age category are often still very active in their day-to-day lives with family obligations, exercise and work, but they may begin to experience the pains and aches of aging. We see the Gen X population wants to focus on prevention of further mobility issues, all while continuing to maintain good body function and activity.

For Baby Boomers, aches and pains may have set in, at least to some degree. Their goals are to relieve pain and diminish symptoms associated with diseases of aging like sarcopenia and osteo-related issues. Plus, for these older adults, it is essential to address strength, inflammation and bone density to keep further injury or lack of mobility at bay.

No matter the age, pain-free movement is paramount for those who wish to stay active and independent into their senior years. In fact, sustaining an active lifestyle is crucial for overall health and well-being.

To that end, supplementing with OptiMSM can help alleviate joint stiffness, pain, fatigue and swelling as well as reduce inflammation. In fact, because it contains sulfur as an active ingredient, one of the most popular uses of OptiMSM is to ensure healthy joints and mobility.

Clinical research has shown that sulfur is one of the key minerals to help support active aging. Sulfur promotes glutathione vitality, the antioxidant that aids in detoxifying and lowering oxidative damage in the body to maintain youthful agility.

As a bioavailable source of sulfur, OptiMSM can provide our bodies with healthy levels of the mineral. Further, as people age, it is well-known that chronic systemic inflammation is common and linked to many health concerns, diseases and symptoms, especially for older adults. Multiple studies have shown that MSM reduces oxidative stress, thereby helping protect the body from advanced aging and other detrimental effects of such stress and inflammation. In addition, sulfur in MSM aids in the regeneration of damaged tissues, leading to a faster recovery time; thus improving a person’s overall well-being allowing them to  continue living a healthy and active lifestyle.

We can’t stop the aging process. Yet, adding OptiMSM with its beneficial sulfur to your healthy daily diet can be the valuable asset you need to stay active and well.