Research Confirms OptiMSM Improves Hair & Nail Health

The benefits and efficacy OptiMSM has on hair and nails are documented in a study for the first time. Published in Natural Medicine Journal, the double-blind clinical study co-authored by Neelam Muizzuddin, Ph.D., and Rodney Benjamin, showed that OptiMSM — Bergstrom Nutrition’s branded methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) — led to significant improvements in the appearance and condition of hair and nails. Here is a link to the study titled: “Beneficial Effects of a Sulfur-Containing Supplement on Hair and Nail Condition.”

Over time, the aging process and exposure to certain environmental factors can cause hair and nails to appear dull and unhealthy. Study authors evaluated sixty-three subjects’ hair and nail conditions over four months through expert grading and self-assessment. The subjects were divided into two groups, each taking different doses of OptiMSM. The results from both groups suggest that OptiMSM can lead to significant improvements in the appearance and condition of hair and nails.

“Previous data has shown that the sulfur from orally consumed MSM is incorporated into hair, skin, and nails. The difference is that this study confirms OptiMSM’s efficacy for hair and nails,” said Rodney Benjamin, Director of Research and Development for Bergstrom Nutrition. In addition, the results demonstrated that both dosages of OptiMSM delivered significant improvement in the appearance and condition of both hair and nails with the higher dosage appearing to provide faster and more robust benefits.”

While it’s not entirely understood how MSM improves hair and nail health, it’s hypothesized that MSM provides sulfur to keratin, which helps strengthen keratin molecule bonds in hair and nails.

“This new study provides more evidence that MSM is a safe, natural way to improve the condition and appearance of hair and nails,” said Tim Hammond, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Bergstrom Nutrition. “Our continued investment in research provides consumers with valuable information supported by science and the multiple benefits of OptMSM in supporting their  overall health.”